Whether you want to stage a vacant or occupied home for sale or are seeking a redesign of your current home, Staged Right can help you find the perfect solutions. We will consult with you on color direction, finishing touches, fixture selection, seasonal room refreshers, or help you create a grand plan.

Working within your budget and with your input, Staged Right will help define your personal style and create a strategy to suit your immediate needs, as well as long-term goals. We will provide a detailed review of your home, inside and out, and let you know exactly what needs to be done to make your home stand out from the crowd. We can work our redesign magic with your existing décor or bring in furnishings and accessories from our inventory to give your house a fresh, new look.


View Samples of Our Vacant Home Staging

Because most buyers cannot visualize what the possibilities are for an empty room and because great website pictures are a must for today’s savvy home buyers, staging vacant homes is crucial!

Note: STAGED RIGHT provides an on-site bid to home sellers at no charge.


In our "Walk and Talk" consultation, Staged Right will meet you at your home and discuss immediate negative and positive impressions in each area of the house. Keeping in mind your timeframe, budget, and goals, we will provide you with suggestions and helpful information.

Our consultation will address a number of important points, such as:

Curb Appeal
Items to Pack
Furniture Placement
Paint Color Choices
Repairs or Improvements that will Benefit the Property
Fixture/Hardware Replacement
Tips on Showing your Property
Recommendations on Acquiring Accessories (and where to purchase them INEXPENSIVELY!)


For an additional fee, Staged Right will provide a written/pictorial report, covering our consultation in greater detail.

To accomplish this, a second walk-through is performed following the "Walk and Talk", enabling us to take additional notes and photographs. Within 48 hours, you will receive by e-mail a detailed written report from Staged Right, complete with pictures, detailed recommendations and step-by-step tasks to  complete readying your home for the real estate market. To further guide you, you will be supplied with inspiration photos of the "look" you are aiming to accomplish.

Armed with these specific enhancement recommendations, you can immediately begin to do the work yourself or hire painters, cleaners, organizers, packers or handymen to do the work. As needed, Staged Right will be happy to continue to assist.

View Samples of Our Organizing & Downsizing

In addition to our staging and redesign services, Staged Right also provides professional home organizing and downsizing services.

Clutter eats up equity and bogs down your life. With an eye for order and a non-judgmental approach, Staged Right can help you get every area of your home in order. From closets, shelves and bookcase to the basement, attic and garage, we will work to implement systems that are sustainable and create order that is pleasing to the eye.

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